Welcome to EpicEmu EverQuest Emulated Servers

Welcome to EpicEmu.com! We currently host free to play classic EverQuest emulated servers through Velious, with potential plans to add progression servers and more expansions after community based votes. You and your friends are invited to get back into playing EverQuest, just follow the Getting Started guide.

Building your own EQ server from the ground up is a fun learning process, sign up now and visit our Open Source EverQuest section and view our Github for more info. As we gear up the open source project more scripts and files will be released for you to test and customize your own private EverQuest server. Interested in developing your own emulated server? Check out our open source section of the forums for information, scripts, and tools to help you start your own emulated classic EverQuest server.

Norrath: Classic Emulated EverQuest Server

Check out the new EpicEmu Classic EverQuest Server: Norrath. This server is currently in beta, if you play on the Norrath server now all characters will be kept on launch. Enjoy the nostalgic environment that was the original EverQuest including all of the classic rare items, original player and npc models, and old school spell graphics. The Norrath Classic EverQuest server seeks to create the most original emulation experience possible!

The Sleeper: Scars of Velious Emulated EverQuest Server

Enjoy Classic to Velious EverQuest on The Sleeper server from EpicEmu.

Launched in early 2013 this server will take you back to 2001 when the popular Velious EverQuest expansion was released. With everything from Classic to Velious The Sleeper makes a great server for those seeking more than the classic environment.

Dynamic Raid Spawning

In the event of overcrowded raid encounters, guilds will be allowed certain tokens per week to spawn raid boss encounters on demand, no need to wait around for random spawn timers while sacrificing valuable real life time. Enjoy the fact that your raid can have a set time and place, without dispute, incident, or provocation from other players.

Randomized Hotzones

Experience boosting hotzones will be randomly chosen and rotated on a regular basis, providing you and other players the ability to group more often in higher risk / reward zones. Sometimes these hotzones may be announced without specifying the zone, making it a fun hunt for you and your friends.

Classic Items/Zone to Start

Remember the 'fire-pot' room? Manastones? Rubicite Armor? Dark Elf Masks? These items are now available, and will be for the foreseeable future, however they will become much rarer over time.


The longest, sometimes most annoying and tedious quests are available for you to grind away at and you can get started on your epic quests as soon as you are able to!

Dedicated Development Team

You will have developers who are working hard to bring you content set as close as possible to the accurate era. Community feedback is appreciated, the developers will listen to your idea's to assist in reproducing the ideal Norrath.

Unique Resources

Sometimes internet archives just dont cut it, in order to get classic content you need classic data. Our development team has been dedicated to keeping track of EverQuest information since it's beginning. Be prepared to play an emulated EverQuest as close to its original content as possible thanks to our developers hard work from years ago. Click here to see our Holy Grail.

Thanks for checking us out, don't forget to tell your friends, like us on facebook, and tweet about how cool it is to play on a classic EQ again. -The EpicEmu.com Dev Team