Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions related to Scars of Velious Server.

Are there plans for progression to other expansions?

Yes, a combination of player vote, development progress, and overall server progression will determine when the expansions will be released.

Is boxing allowed?

Yes, but only 4 characters per real life person playing.

Will there be classic content like Manastones and Rubicite?

Yes, the items are currently available.

When do I need to retrieve my corpse/items?

Starting at level 1.

When do I start losing experience for deaths?

Starting at level 6.

How do I get in game help?

Use '/petition message here', in this example 'message here' would appear to the Guides and GM's.

What if I find a big bug or exploit?

Reporting any game breaking bugs or exploits, determined by the development staff, will be rewarded with a custom lore item tailored to your primary character. All bugs should be reported on their designated forums, exploits may be petitioned using the game or website.

How can I help the server?

Play, report bugs, donate, and learn how to build your own EQ server. The EpicEmu team has released the project code on for you to run your own EQ server on the EpicEmu login server, including scripts to help you create your own classic EverQuest experience.

Is there going to be a PvP server?

Possibly. We are discussing creating battlegrounds on the blue server or a seperate PvP server.