Getting Started with Classic EverQuest

If you have been looking to play a more classic version EverQuest then you're in the right place.

Laws of the Land:
1) Six-Boxing is allowed, no more than 6 total characters online at the same time or serious consequences will ensue..
2) Grouping is highly encouraged, two-boxing does not translate to enforceable solo camps.
2.5) Do not participate in any actions that may cause injury to another player or character.
3 sir 3) Bugs are to be reported on the proper forums, anyone using bugs, exploits, or third-party programs will have their character deleted.

Installation Process

If you want to play on our server this is what you will need to do, follow these instructions and read them carefully. If you are playing on another server and have existing modified files it is suggested you install another clean copy of titanium under a different folder, or you can try to copy/paste the existing folder and rename it for Scars of Velious and follow additional steps.

1. Install EQ
Clean install of Everquest (Titanium client), you will also need a program to mount the ISO files such as Daemon Tools:

2.Download Server Files
Download Titanium Client Files and extract and overwrite these files in your Everquest folder, this includes updates to spell icons for the default and velious User Interfaces. ( Default Location to extract: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Everquest )
If you previously played on another emulated server and want to use the same EverQuest install, and you do not want to reinstall the game (recommended) we highly recommend making sure you replace the DSETUP.dll file with the original file. If you cannot find it on your CD or ISO you can download the original DLL file here.

3. Making the Shortcut & Fixing it
Navigate to your Everquest folder and locate eqgame.exe, Right click, Send to > Desktop Create Shortcut
Go to the desktop shortcut you just created, Right click, Properties, in the Target: line go to the end, create a space and add the word patchme
When youre done it should look something like this:

Keep the Everquest folder open for step 5.

4. Required Zone & File Changes
While in your Everquest folder create a new folder called backups, and make sure the following files are moved into backup from your base Everquest folder (this makes sure your lavastorm and nektulos zones will work properly):

arena . eqg
arena_EnvironmentEmitters . txt
lavastorm . eqg
nektulos . eqg
Nektulos_EnvironmentEmitters . txt

5. Create Login Account
Sign up for and you can create an EverQuest Login account through the link on the menu.
Visit the Forums to report bugs and discuss technical issues you find, please use /bug as often as possible.

6. Start EQ with your modified shortcut and log in using your EverQuest Login info.

Turn on Velious Textures
After logging in to the server for the first time it will generate the eqclient.ini file, follow these instructions and your armor will look like it did with the new Velious texture pack. First go to your Everquest folder and find eqclient.ini, scroll down until you see a bunch of LoadArmor17=FALSE to LoadArmor 23=FALSE, change ALL of them from FALSE to TRUE (only 17 through 23 are Velious textures). If you log in and still cannot see the Velious texture files you must located the eqgame.exe file in your EverQuest folder, right click it, go to properties, and check off 'Run as Administrator.'